RiftVolc is using seismic instrumentation from SEIS-UK.


In rift settings, particularly in the East African Rift, volcanic processes have not been well studied and as a result the associated hazards are highly underestimated. The University of Southampton leads the seismology part of this project.

Seismic Deployment, February 2016


Magnetotellurics (MT)

RiftVolc is using instruments from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 

MT is a passive geophysical deep-sounding technique that uses the natural electromagnetic (EM) field to image the subsurface with models of electrical resistivity. Resistivity is a parameter that is very much dependent on the water and melt content in the rocks.

From Field to Modelling



Date of fieldwork: 26th September – 10th October 2015 
Group Members: Yelebe Birhanu, Ryan Lloyd, and Jo Gottsmann (University of Bristol) 
Berhanu Bekele (IGSSA) 
Eyaya Demessie (Driver from EthioDer) 

GPS deployment and Microgravity survey at Aluto and Corbetti Volcanoes